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PMC Services

Quality & Cost Delight As Project Management Consultants , we engage ourselves into industries best practices by putting a team of expertise in engineering , construction, procurement with financial consultants to narrow down to a projected costs and create schedules to reach upto optimised solutions and help clients in decision making. Our services are End to End with focus on time and cost. We manage your projects and help realise your goals.

Our Services include, Project Management , Construction Management, Design and Quality Management, Cost Management, Auditing of Projects, Financial Management.

At NMBK Consultancy Services, we leverage efficiency through use of PMC tools in managing Men, Money, Materials. Experienced Construction Management Resource personnel ensure Customer delight.

How do we proceed ? With our technical team chasing behind quality and timely schedules at one side, simultaneously ,we engage our team to track CASH Flow, Analyse Variance Flow and Manage Claims during Construction Phase.

Our reports from the tools used help us predict bottlenecks , help to form contingency plan, avoid duplication and re-work. Project will be validated against IS standards with quality and execution complying to Building Codes & ISO standards. With the intention of bringing delight to customer as our center of approach, we give impetus on converging our resources to achieve it.