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Electrical & Automation Services

NMBK Automation Solutions help you achieve lower-cost production, fewer breakdowns, reduced energy costs and more consistent product quality through control engineering & automation by integrating controllers into main system.

We help companies to retain their machineries by upgrading their automation system while keeping low operational cost against capital investment.

Our proven processes and planning mitigate risks, as we work with you to understand and then anticipate both business and production needs. Because we do the work ourselves, we can ensure top quality, superior performance, safety and compliance, while eliminating compatibility issues.

At NMBK Automation, we inculcate our team to conduct RISK Analysis and Management when it comes to replacing a machine vis-a-vis up-gradation of control systems

As part of our implementation procedure we do a methodical verifications from the stage of installation to commissioning by stage wise debugging to ensure the equipment downtime is reduced and free from future issues.