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Architectural & Structural Services

Our experience in the fields of architecture, visual effects, and communications, we have built a unique design studio that operates at the intersection of architecture, graphics, and future technologies. Our team of Architects work closely with nature and its engineering to emulate into their futuristic sustainable designs . We focus on the climatology and local designs to enhance the buildings by aesthetics energy performance and living ability.

The root of Modernist architecture is Modernism, and Modernism involves much more than architecture which leaves back ornamentation and adopts new approach inspired from nature and geometrics.

At NMBK Consultancy Services, a team of Architects evolve on codification of practical architectural knowledge, how architecture should be done, and how aspects of architectural practice, such as spatial structuring be done.

We create designs that stand for generations and monuments that can last as iconic by incubating new ideas and approaches in our studio where we incorporate experiences from ground architectural practices in moral, social, psychological and theoretical

Convenience – Fitness for use. Good architecture can never just be beautiful but functionally engineered and interlinked.

Our designs primarily utilises Line Mass / Shape Light / Shadow Colour Theory Texture Balance Scale Proportion Gestalt Laws Pattern/Rhythm Unity Theme/Variation Harmony Emphasis / Focal Point Order Propriety Economy & Proportions that were analysed in nature and found as general aesthetic categories across nature and art viz. Pythagorus proportions. Golden ratio or “golden section” or “divina proportione” & “Modu-lor” of Le Corbusier is an example of an architectural design and formation concept based on the golden section.

With wide knowledge on material application, we work towards bringing exotic reliable and contemporary designs to life.

The symmetry transformations are visible as design concepts through out history of architecture. In contemporary architecture there are no fixed rules about design concepts. But there are still relations to geometric space concepts.

All RCC Designs for housing , institutional, hotels, apartments, commercial projects, High-rise buildings with seismic analysis and wind analysis. Commercial buildings with Beam-slab, Flat slab & PT Slab system, Steel Structural works for Industrial Buildings.